Is online working is wastage of time..?

August 17, 2012 8:45am CST
i think online working is not A WASTAGE OF TIME. This depends upon your ability of work. much work more earn. This is also wastage of time for those people who are not know about the sites which pay high amount of our working and they have not the ability of work.
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@GemmaR (8526)
18 Aug 12
A lot of people will be wasting their time online because they're not willing to put the amount of effort in that is needed in order to make any money. One of the main mistakes that a lot of people make is by thinking that earning online will be very quick and easy, and that they won't have to do any work. The thing that people need to remember is that in any job, you have to be willing to put in the hours and the work, and if you do this then you will get the money that you want. I work 8 hours a day and now get the amount of money that I need to be able to pay my bills and have quite a good lifestyle.
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@cacay1 (33192)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
18 Nov 15
Waste of time if lack no how and skill to write for most on line jobs deal with writing, blog.
2 Oct 12
Online working is a great way of earning money online if you know which sites to work with. If you have got skills in any field that is in demand you will certainly make money online. Besides, some jobs do not need any skill other than the ability to write good English and connect to the Internet.
@Porcospino (19804)
• Denmark
30 Sep 12
Today I don't think that online work is a waste of time. My main income is my salary from my offline job, but I also earn extra money online every month and the money that I earn online helps me pay some of the bills. 4 years ago when I was new to online money making I felt that I was wasting my time. I had no experience at that time and I joined a lot of sites without checking them properly. The vast majority of the sites that I joined and spent my time on were scams sites that never paid me. I was frudstrated and felt that I was wasting my time, but today I know that it was my own fault because it didn't occur to me that I had to check the sites before I joined them.
19 Aug 12
Working online is a great opportunity to learn and make money. Anybody with good computing skills and the ability to surf the Internet can make money. However, having a good command of English is also essential to work online and become successful.
19 Aug 12
yes alisys63, you are right online working is not wastage of time. if you have an experience and ability for online working then you achieve success in it.And earn more money.
• India
18 Aug 12
Definitely it is not a wastage of time. But I have seen some people who used to stay for a long time on online, spending their time on social networking sites like facebook and all. In that case online work is a waste of time. So it solely depends on the type of the work.
• India
18 Aug 12
Hi friend, welcome to mylot. you are right, online earning is not waste of time, if we spend our time with good sites, surely we will get benefits from it.
• United States
17 Aug 12
I never think making money is a waste of time. If your making money its not a waste of time. I dont mind what your doing as long as your making money i say i dont get how much your bringing to the table as long as you have a job and your bringing in money then everything should work out. Of course everything does depend on your ability of course, but everyone has the ability to work online i feel like unless you have no fingers to type and all that stuff but almost everyone in the world has the ability to get online and earn something.
• Philippines
17 Aug 12
Well maybe you can share some of the sites you know that pay a high amount for work. I am quite interested with such. But I can say that working online isn't waste of time too. I do work online, but I only use my leisure time to do so. So instead of just idling around the internet doing non sense things, I become more productive by just working online and earning. So never in my mind did it crossed that working online is a waste. Except of course if you are working for a scam site!
@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
17 Aug 12
Agree with you,last years i just working with useless sites and the result is nothing.Absolutely was my time.But don't be mad cause that was expensive experience from online working.You can't make more money when first time now about online earning.After several years,learning by doing from expert online earning,i am sure you will get good result and can enjoy your time.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
17 Aug 12
you are right. If you have ability to do a work you will get paid for it. I like it here and I think it is not a waste of time. at least can pay my internet bill from online work. It is a relief to me. I cam write 100 posts here and still finish my house work. It is all about ability and willingness and interest. have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.
@sbrn11 (415)
• India
17 Aug 12
no working online is not wastage of time. i have been working online from home for a quite long time now. and i am making a decent earning for myself. it depends on which site you join. also, don't join any fake/ scam sites. also depends on your knowledge, ability, capability to work. Inquire about the site you are planning to join. make sure it is not scam and a legit paying site. as a freelancer, if you have the knowledge and experience you could be earning a very decent amount sitting at home, or doing part time work.