Billionaire receives no jail-time after his wife's body is found ...???

United States
August 17, 2012 2:16pm CST
Billionaire recieves no jail-time after the body of his wife is found decomposing in the home. Hans Kristian Rausing is his name. I suppose this could only happen for a billionare, and I find it quite disgusting! He received only suspended sentences -meaning he would not actually serve the sentence- after police in London found the body of his wife decomposing in the house. I guess the guy was on drugs. He and his son carried on with life as if nothing had happened after their wife and mother apparently died from a heart condition said to be drug induced. He was charged with 'preventing the proper burial'. He claims that he could not handle the loss of his wife and that is why he ignored the fact that she lie died within the house. Rather than go to jail, this Billionare will be forced to attend drug-rehabilitation... What about some psychiatric help?! Not to mention a jail punishmen!. What about this woman's family?
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• United States
17 Aug 12
What a tragic event. Just goes to show you money doesn't buy love or happiness. People like this guy are totally void of moral value and could care less sbout others. Whether he is responsible or not we may never know but we do know that is attitude of indifference is really sad, especially because it happened to someone he supposedly loved at one point.