Weird Induction at Work

August 17, 2012 6:15pm CST
Today was the official first day of my new job which was supposed to be a bar job at a football staduim in the executive boxes, and so all the team was brought in for team building and skill learning exercises, the majority of the people were new and there was a couple returning from last year. Anyway the induction got underway with the usual health and safety procedures and out of nowhere he starts telling us about how to wait tables and describing certain wines. I thought at first it would be for the other people as some of the team will be waiting tables, a few of us on the bar. Bare in mind non of us no what we are doing alot of us are confused at this point, anyway the sills part comes so I'm thinking we will learn the job skills and what we need to do, but no all we are told is how to hold plates and the session is over, none of us know what we are doing tommorow since we are all working as there is a match on, if I'm on the bar I havent been taught how to pour certain drinks, use tils or even the prices of things so a busy day of working tommorow and we are all confused as hell :S
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@tetris15 (540)
• Philippines
18 Aug 12
I guess you have to clear that out with your superior. I guess you were trained to do that because they were anticipating a lot of people tomorrow and there is not enough employees to do that particular job like waiting tables.
19 Aug 12
Well I went to my job yestrday and what I ended up doing was the job that I originally applied for which was so confusing, luckily I picked it up pretty quick and had some very helpful staff working with me, but still for quite a big company the training was just poor. The money was nice though :D
• Indonesia
18 Aug 12
if you are still confused then ask your employer again what should your job it before your job is a mess and you will lose that job.if skill we can learn it by time we used from that job.okay good luck for you