A friend that turned into an enemy

@blinjk (613)
August 17, 2012 7:17pm CST
Beware of friends that are untrue to you because they may destroy you or would mess your life up.There are friends who calls you friend but at the back of their minds they are just doing this because they want something and actually they really hated you.I have a friend from high school and she got a crush on a guy who is actually my close friend also because we are childhood friends.She really like the guy and she always want to go with me but the guy do not like her and when we are walking she said to me that. She will get him no matter what and she said she will laugh at him.I just laugh at it.I did not saw her for so long because we have to move into another place but when I am in college,we meet again because of friendster and I have a classmate that was her neighbor.When we met, she was with her bf and she was asking about my cousin. She said she will write my cousin who is in United States. I was thinking why she would write my cousin,thinking that she has a bf but I still gave her my cousin's address. My cousin is looking for a wife.One day,my cousin told me that they are in a relationship and she did not even told me.I told our other friends about her and they said, she is married to her bf.Then my cousin told me that she is so secretive and when they are talking on the phone, a guy grabbed the phone from her. My cousin was so dismayed and does not want to talk to her. She called me asking me a favor to talk to my cousin.I did but I told my cousin about what our friends told her.Mt cousin broke up with her and we still talk. She always says she is okay and I am her friend but when she became friends with some people who are really rich.She started to say things about me and she always sending me messages that I have destroyed her life and she would also destroy my life and my cousin's life. My cousin married another girl. She even told that the girl that my cousin married is so ugly and not educated and to think she doe not know the girl. I just laugh at what she is saying even if she calls me names and everything.I think she was crazy because she also told that she and my cousin have a child but when I have ask about it to our other friends who was going out with her.It was all lies.I did not mind her anymore and she stopped already but I know she still hated me and for that I got nothing to do. I did my part and would not say sorry to her because it was not my fault when they broke up and I am not a part of their relationship.Then a funny thing about her,I heard that she is flirting our other batch mates but no one would not mind her even she is pretty.I think that I have to understand what she is doing and just do not mind her because she is really going crazy.
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