Why are we here on earth?

August 17, 2012 8:41pm CST
Our mysterious life still baffle us in this scientific world. It still being asked why humans were decided to be here and to be remained as most intelligent species to dominate, to rule this earth. Are we all species of GOD or we are really an alien race that settled out on this planet after travelling million of light years from to this planet. If we are really aliens, then what happened to out previous planet. What just happened to it. Do we left it with all these different species on a large space ship (that only our ancestors know and hide it somewhere), as because our other planet was in dire bad situation or much life could not be sustained within that planet. If we are nomad on this planet earth then do we (our ancestors) used to be like this, travelling through space. Or what I can otherwise consider is Adam and Ever are the only spices who landed on earth and rest are their derived. What if we are not an alien race, but were part of a God. A God that is powerful enough to give us power that allow us to think more than other species, live almost more than other species. Then from where that God came from. Maybe that God would have been an alien or we our-self treat our ancestors as God (an alien race). If we are not alien, then as now our science says, we must have evolved out of some biological/chemical/physical changes that always takes place through the life time of earth. Like what happened to Jurassic era, then came humans, if it is like that, then will there be an end to human era race too and a more dominating, a more powerful race would take up our place. That raise it again why are we here. For what purpose we are here, we are breathing, life sustains on this planet alone in this solar system and not on mars. Maybe, we came from Mars long ago and we forgot about it. Whats our purpose just to find God particle or find the real answer of why are we more powerful and thinkers than other species of this planet.
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