To late for the trailor....but going to look at a house on Mon :) :)

United States
August 18, 2012 5:53pm CST
well i called the guy today to meet up and give him the money we had and he informs me that yesturday a guy came to him and handed him $1000 so he had to give it to him he got there 1st. my spirits were crushed so i got back online to start looking around.. to my luck i found a small house for $350 a month with $150 deposit. we did not have that much on us and he told me that he would be ok with that to start and then we would start the rent next month. we are very excited so we are taking the money with us on monda because if we like it we are going to go for it so we dont lose the opportunity again. it seems to be in a good area and i think he will work with us but we will talk about all that on monday. i am hoping and praying all this goes well.
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