the importance we give to some people

@hotsummer (10466)
August 19, 2012 8:52pm CST
sometimes we don't meant to have some people hold dear or important in our lives. sometimes we just end up realize that they are important to us. there are times i thought those people that seem impressive and special in the eyes of a lot of people that i would feel the same way too. although i still see them some people who are good and special and nice, but they don't end up being the very important person in my life although i know they are special in their own way. sometimes we just give value to some people who others don't think that special but somehow for us they are indeed special.
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• Lenox, Georgia
20 Aug 12
Some people don't see another as special I agree with you. That is how I feel about my husband actually. Some people think I'm crazy for seeing so much good in him and loving him so much. But I see so much in him. I don't care anymore what they think of him though. We will all have our opinions, and they differ so much from others.