Your Entire Social Presence All In One URL.

August 21, 2012 5:01am CST
As I've reviewed some of my unread message on my email. I came to see on my inbox a notification of this site that welcomes me of my registration in I then came across to my buried thoughts from a long time ago, a plan to organize the sum of all my profiles and accounts into one URL to manage it all. is one of the fastest growing Social Presence Management software company which lets you organize your social networks, sharing sites, groups and communities, all of them in one place and share your entire social presence with one personalized URL with existing friends, customers, partners, and people that you don't know yet; and It will be soon enough for me to discover new networks and people as I expand my presence and influence with the help of Everybody has to be organized to prevent unnecessary confusions to what we engage in every social community with which we are part of; just like as I do. Its free and will remain to be free; so if you want to create a professional social presence management too, create your own for free: I wish you good luck and blessings.
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@myklops (180)
22 Aug 12
Making such kind of software is a two thumbs up for the company. Probably many of us suffer from too much information that we get from social media. It's time to organize.:)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
That's true Myklops. Sometimes we are too busy by our day to day lives and being unaware of the situation that we've already forgotten some of our profiles and accounts might lead to us thinking that we have an unorganized cyber-life. Nowadays, since the explosion of social media sites on the web, individuals of multiple accounts increased dramatically to the extent that some of the accounts and profiles just been abandoned because of their disorganization, I think has anticipated this, and provide a better solution. so if you want to create your own professional social presence management too, create your own Xeeme for free: Take a glimpse of my Xeeme and hit like, if you wouldn't mind. thanks Myklops! I wish you good luck and blessings.
@entrep (60)
• Philippines
2 Oct 12
I'm interested with that. It's very accessible and time saving. Thanks a lot for the info!