@mikej143 (310)
August 21, 2012 5:36am CST
Its quite a long road this day and while driving going to the place of my Grandmother. I feel empty and my focus are in road.while in the road its look just in life a long way to drive and a trip and never knew what will happen in the next few seconds or hours, those time that I will overtake any buses cars too easy what makes hard those decisions to do in life we need must need a confident to overtake and don't wait anyone to move us. And when a person drive He must look advance in the road with his back and front side to know and see any people walking in the street or even other cars in front or behind or safety of all passengers. how about you while driving could pour it out your emotions what are those experience?. at the end of the day I feel dismayed for I did not make may word tho other people it quite complicated to decide when the family make a request compare to those close friends were looks my family in life.
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