What is the best cure to treat DOMS?

@Oktavist (396)
August 21, 2012 12:11pm CST
DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is that type of pain that you experience 2h-2 days after an exercise with the intensity greater than the muscle's used to.It takes between 5 to 9 days to fully recuperate. I tend to get this every time I work out.It's not the bad kind of pain.Using the pain I can determine whether I trained the muscle better or not. I usually let it pass,interfering with the muscle as little as possible. Although it doesn't necessarily make me uncomfortable,I would like to know: what is your treatment for DOMS?
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@jane239 (521)
21 Aug 12
I get tight muscles after exercising which gets worse in the days after I've exercised hard. I do lots of stretching on the days in the days after and in the days before I work my hardest to help keep the muscles loose. Massage is also good I find Ashtanga yoga works well to loosen up my muscles and reduce soreness; I also have soya protein shakes to help put something back into my muscles.
@Oktavist (396)
• Romania
22 Aug 12
Thank you for your advice!Sometimes I tried stretching,but it hurt very very bad. On the food part,I have enough protein in my diet.Thank you for your advice!
@Shavkat (64931)
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
The best thing you execute the exercise regimen. You need to do warm-up exercise, to condition you muscles and joints. Same thing if you are increasing the load in resistance exercises, pre-warm up per se. Take not for the proper body mechanics.