Men survive in ambition

@Daisy_22 (1230)
August 22, 2012 12:14am CST
Not to strike anything to all of the mens but I'm just curious about your reaction on this sentence. Actually I got this line from a movie I've watched this morning.The character was confused between his love and ambition then his father told him that every men survive in his ambition.With that he broke up the girl he love for his gigantic ambition towards achieving something.For me he is just weak and sunmissive. Would this make sense if your also unhappy? I ould appreciate your opinions. Happy mylotting!
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• China
22 Aug 12
Dear Daisy,in a certain extent,I think this sentence is make sense,you can find out that almost every great man in this world no matter nowadays or in the past,they all have something in common,and that is,they all have a ambition,so from this point of view,this sentence is great. But in my mind,I think keep a ambition do not must give up many important things in your life,actually we can achieve both together though this need more flexible,and I think man who can handle everything can really be a great man.
@pjha1975 (214)
• India
22 Aug 12
Hmm.. This character doesn't seem to be in love with his girl-friend. Maybe he was just playing with her - no strings attached, no commitments... Regarding men going after their ambition rather than their heart, this statement is true but there are exceptions. In many cases, the guy finds the right partner & goes with what his heart tells him. But, of course, this happens rarely... In other cases, guys just go with what their mothers tell them. So, it really depends upon the individual. It depends on how he has been raised... Hope I am making sense. :)
@berting600 (3458)
• Philippines
22 Aug 12
Men are born with lots of ambitions to achieve,so are women because people are here to live not contented to what they have,so in order to have those things they have to strive in their fields of work hard to achieve their goals in life.Do not tell me you have no ambition in life.You have started this discussion without seeing your own gender are also craving with so many ambitions.You may not be craving but what about the others?
@toniganzon (53392)
• Philippines
22 Aug 12
I guess it only shows that he was not truly in love with that woman. Sorry to say this but men are weak, emotionally. They are very rational but they don't listen to their hearts.