Extreme sports are dangerous.

August 22, 2012 2:59am CST
Extreme sports are quite dangerous but I'd like to try some of them. I guess before indulging to any kind of sports we have to prepare our body for it. We should be physically fit and healthy enough in order to avoid accidents, etc. Feel free to share your thoughts everyone. Happy myLotting everyone.
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@netrod (182)
• United States
17 Nov 12
I am now getting completely involved in these type of activities... I am a certified SCUBA diver and I love the danger and adventure associated with this sport... As a result of pursueing this sport and talking with a lot of other entheusist of their specific adrenaline activities I have now started a new website devoted to only extreme sports, adventures and the equipment and services associated with them... Please Friend me or check out the tasks section for information related to this lucrative task... Thanks for your interest, Rod Smith...
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Wow, scuba diving. I will never try this one in my entire life. LOL. I don't know but I guess my lungs aren't that healthy and I can't swim. So, how can I ever experience this? LOL. Goodluck to your website. I'll check the task. I haven't done any task here in myLot. Who knows, it might be the first one. I hope my time and knowledge will help me to do the task. Thanks for posting and happy mylotting.
@youless (93535)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Sep 12
You are right. When I watch the extreme sports, sometimes I already feel so painful even if I am just an audience. I don't really encourage people to do so dangerous sports. I love China
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• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Yeah, you're right. When we're watching, we are so scared that something might get wrong. We pray that the people participating the sports are in good hands. Sports are so risky but some people still love to experience them. Let's just hope that they'll prepare themselves to whatever might happen to them. They should be physically fit and alert to play these extreme activities. Thanks for posting and happy mylotting.