Does nicotine stunt growth?

@Oktavist (396)
August 22, 2012 8:22am CST
Although I haven't come across any study that would say that smoking stunts growth,you could hear it anywhere.Anyone who you'll ask will tell you like it's common knowledge.Personally,I am not that high,smoked since I was 11 until i was 13.I know people who hadn't put a cigar in their mouth and are shorter than me and people who smoke for tens of years(some smoking since they were kids) and be huge! So,what is your insight on this?Do you think smoking stunts growth?
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• India
24 Apr 13
some of my friends smoke, and most of them are taller than me. I dont smoke but Im not very tall either. lol. aint that a good thing for you to hear isnt it?. the growth and height and all are decided in your genes. if your parents have enough height then you would be tall. if being short is a hereditary character of yours then i dont think anything can help either. but stretching excerces helps to some extend. smokers eat less as nicotine is an appetite supresser and that is why most of the smokers are thin. but Ive never heard that smoking stunts growth my friend