Rainbow Haiku

@Angelpink (4022)
August 22, 2012 11:07am CST
Some days are hay , some days are grey but never mind ,that is what you call as life. Sometimes we can hardly breath , pressure , stress here and there , no place to hide and relax. Sometimes we fell like giving up , for we find it too much already . But this so wrong , all are but test to check on the values we are holding , the stamina and the endurance that we need to have. Giving up is for cowards only , as long as there is thin thread of hope its wrong to give up. Rainbows will come surely after each heavy rain. Here's a Haiku to i want to share with you all..share me yours too ... 3/5/3 Haiku The rainbows nature gift to us art of hope. All colors displayed above God in touch.
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23 Aug 12
Nice subject matter for ths type of poem, I must admin I've always preferred the more traditional Haiku format 5/7/5, so in responce I present the following. Summer clouds gathered Uncountable rain drops fall Sun forged shining gems Hope you like it.