try = uncertainty ?

August 22, 2012 7:43pm CST
I've once read in a text message that there is no such thing as try, it either you do it or not. Since then, I thought that maybe "try" is just be a code for "something uncertain". This message spreads its roots in my mind quickly and stays for a very long time. It always reminds me that I'm going to make and no excuses are necessary, its either I do it or not. There are circumstances in our life where we would say that "I'll try!" but when that time arrives, we simply just don't do what we are suppose to. Is it fear of rejection? Could be fear of being wrong? If fear enters your heart then you cannot focus, and if you cannot focus then you cannot think, and if you cannot think then probably, you cannot do what you are suppose to and your dreams might become the unreachable star. I hope that I've shared something useful to everyone who reads this. WILL YOU DO IT OR NOT? I know it doesn't fit to post in forum but I think more people read this here than in blog.
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@violann (437)
• United States
25 Aug 12
That saying came about from an old movie, "The Karate Kid" and it's been going around since. I've even used it myself sometimes. Usually for things that can be done or not. Somethings you actually have to try before you know if you can do then or not. Maybe that is a do. :)
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
25 Aug 12
Hi, We have to try again and again for getting success in anything. We shouldn't lose the hope. We have no option for the struggle in the life. We have to struggle for everything in the life without fear of failure. Everyone has some fear in the mind but we should not be overwhelmed by the fear. The fear discourages us from doing something. So we have to try, ty, and try again hopefully, patiently and with positive attitude.