August 22, 2012 9:06pm CST
Opinions are free to be given to every one. We have the freedom of talk and give opinions yet this freedom is limited for in every freedom we have to have responsibilities. I just have some things to share and tell if you agree or disagree,if possible with reasons as well why? For women it has been said that "women are ready and willing to do anything just to look more beautiful. For those who have a family according to some family experts (people who have families already) "The more children you have, the happier you are." For all it has been believed that "Good looks do not go with good brains." And lastly " Honesty is always been the best policy."
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• India
23 Aug 12
Yes. what is called opinion? your individual expression, or feeling on a person, dress, behavior,situation etc., You can voice your opinion,but free,but as long as it does not humiliate or affect the concerned person or party. opinions should not cross the boundaries or take law into their course. opinions should don the robe of decency and honesty and not crouched by fake encounters.
• India
23 Aug 12
It is not very correct with every woman and is dependent on woman to woman. On a short note, it is not universal. Now the second thing would again not be true as I see it quite often in my country that families with more children find it difficult to give them proper nourishment and need to sacrifice their happiness a bit.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
I think that there are some who would do everything to look beautiful but not all are willing to do anything just to look more beautiful. I know some who are not even willing to try new products or cosmetics, moreso, undergo surgeries. The more children you have, the happier you are. It think it depends on the financial situation of the family. If they can't afford to feed even one child, I don't think they will be happier if they have four or five. Good looks do not go with good brains. I can't agree with this because I have seen beautiful people who are also smart and sometimes, with good character as well. Honesty is the best policy. I definitely agree with this. Resorting to dishonest practices just to succeed in life is risky. It does not only affect you as a person but may also affect your own success and future. Lying may help you achieve something at present but sooner or later, once your lies have been exposed, you will face bigger problems and humiliation. Once you have a reputation for being dishonest, it will be hard for you to gain other people's trust so we always have to be worthy of other people's trust.
@celticeagle (118559)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Aug 12
I think the last one is the ONLY one that actually is something that a smart person might want to adhere to. The others are silly, mondane, and not really true. I think opinions are just that and should be set down with full expectations of getting some negative feedback. Such are opinions.