when a man is crying ,what do you think of ...

@freedang (320)
August 22, 2012 9:11pm CST
hi everyone people around me ofen say that as a man,you should not cry no matter how hopeless you are.but in my life i ofen felt the feeling that want to drop my tears.have you ever see some male cry? when you see a man is crying,what do you think of?
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@mikej143 (310)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
when man cries doesn't mean that He already defeat or failure etc.or even broken He cries cause He can't go anywhere thou not even His friends or family and no one could understand with it.
@freedang (320)
• China
23 Aug 12
some people say that we are born alone.the situation do exists that everyone around us seem not understand our mind.even the strongest man have his fragile time.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
19 Oct 12
Man has no habit to show their feelings they cry but by heart not by eyes. Generally I have seen man cry in exceptional case like if he loves his wife more and she is going to leave the husband, if family members no more then man cry only in few cases they show their feelings.
• Philippines
6 Oct 12
A man who breaks down his defense and cries is probably one of the bravest people I know. It takes so much for a man to cry.. and when he eventually does, I never regarded that as a sign of weakness. Men, no matter how much they value their machismo, is still human. They have feelings too, though they may not show it every so often.. Those who think that men who cry are chicken are actually chickens themselves. :)