have something ever happened to you that you are glad you didnt react negatively

United States
August 22, 2012 10:10pm CST
To give you an example that happened to me not too long ago. I was out shopping and I couldnt find what I needed and I wanted to ask an employee. Looked around for 15 mins and no one was there finally, someone was restocking some shelves so I walked up to him and stated to say,"excuse me sir". There was no answer or even a sigh that he acknowledged me. So again I say "excuse me sir", nothing. A third time this time just a little bit louder but not angry. nothing so I guess he saw me in his peripheral vision he turned around. I asked him what I needed but i noticed he was looking at my lips not at me and then looking to an example of the item I needed then he spoke and it wasnt super coherent speech and it was a very soft low voice barely above a whisper. It hit me like a ton of bricks, he was deaf thats why he was looking at my lips while i spoke and then looking at my hands while i spoke. my heart softened quickly and I didnt care if i had to explain what I needed 30 times I would have done so. I'm so glad I didnt react the way i know a lot of people who thought an employee was willfully ignoring them.
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@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
31 Aug 12
It's good you didn't react negatively. It'd be very bad if you were angry without knowing anything. Yes, I'm always glad I do not react negatively towards other people. I usually watch and think first before react. Being cnsidered is the least thing I can do for the others.
• United States
15 Nov 12
Yes I know many people would have thought after saying excuse me more than a few times without any reaction from the employee they would have started to yell or act out. I'm glad I was raised to have patience. In this case it was definitely the right decision. But i am glad there are like minded people like myself.