How do you deal with nervousness when doing a presentation?

August 23, 2012 5:25am CST
People who does presentation in public at their school,work, thesis may have stage fright because a lot of people will be watching. Some people who doesn't like to be the center of attention gets nervous. How do you deal with it? I asked one of my friends, he said that when doing a presentation he sees the audience as monkeys, so not to get nervous. How about you? How do you deal with stage fright?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
23 Aug 12
The best thing is that, although I know it sounds scary, to participate in every single activity including talking in front of public, because it is the best remedy. I know, I'm the quintessential example for being a nervous presenter. My legs are shaking, my eyes are wandering, I twist my hair, play with my pen, my voice is shaking etc. But I've improved. I usually rehearse the whole thing just some minutes before the presentations, make a hairstyle where I can't reach strands of hair easily, so they are not in my face, I take deep breaths, drink something before, find a steady place on my legs/trousers where I'm gonna put my hand if I feel extremely shaky... then I cheat sometimes with, when I have a ppot presentation, sometimes, I face the board showing stuff while I'm talking for bits... that makes the illusion of movement, but I think "phew, for these 3 seconds I don't have to face people". Also it's a pretty good trick for beginners to find a steady spot on the wall to watch while doing presentations, and then slowly and steadily learn to make eye contact with people. Also, try to make eye contact a lot more with people you talk to in your everyday life, that helps a lot. Also, try to imagine that there is no audience, just you talking. And if you really feel as if you are having a block or a black-out, ask questions from the audience. Depending on the situation itself, have cards with you with some information. Don't read from them, just take glances. Also, if the cards are looking professional, you are going to look professional even if you take help from them. And some other tips: wear comfortable clothes, sleep a lot before presentation day and don't start a presentation whilst you are hungry or thirsty!
@meumeu25 (917)
• United Arab Emirates
23 Aug 12
Hi, I take a deep breath and think that the people who are watching me are just human beings like me. I imagine myself on their (the listeners) place and think if I am them I will just pay attention and listen, I probably wouldn't notice, think or care about what the speaker is feeling deep inside while she/he was talking while I am listening. That way I will be less nervous and will be able to concentrate on making the listeners or viewers understand what I am trying to deliver.