Shoes. Supremacy and splendor

@didi13 (2927)
August 23, 2012 8:20am CST
It took a few decades of life and experience to know that no gowns reigned supreme as meaning in our wardrobe. No scarves and beads, no purses, no hats, though, definitely, any of them can save an outfit, if chosen cleverly. Above all, however, is shoes. They are the ones you ennobles and elevates one - and literally and figuratively. Shoes you change from a woman in a certain real lady shoes make you feel safe and, paradoxically, although beautifies other extreme, you do not wear your smile with great pride and ease. Recognized in many of my days have so much running, so I prefer to go home with shoes to be, above all, comfortable. But as soon as I discovered this secret so handy, I've always used to boot even a pair,two of shoes. Beautiful shoes, high heels, sandals fine, delicate, which, thanks so lenient fashion today, you can add to an outfit sport - as a chic element and one absolutely trivial, they can turn into something more elegant. He quickly removed from the trunk before reaching the events of the evening went even change my shoes when driving, because I rush to a meeting, use them as a brizbiz essential, without which many of my boldness would be possible. I am grateful shoe world. I love those we provide through their creative design, not only beautiful, but also greatness. And my beautiful shoes to dedicate my care and attention, placing them on shelves and looking at them from time to time, with sympathy, with love, to trust my steps forward.
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