What kind of music is your favorite??

November 21, 2006 9:06pm CST
Music is very important to people. And different kinds of music would reflect the person's philosophy of life. And what kind of music is your favorite?
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@EMZo03 (213)
30 Nov 07
different kinds of music reflect a persons philosophy of life? damn, never knew that. I find myself liking hip hop a lot nowadays... but i like rock too. I switch off I think, for some weird reason. I guess I just like both. I appreciate all different kinds of music though, because i respect creativity. I like hip hop, reggae, rock, ska, hard rock, classic rock.. anything except 80s hair bands and country really. classical is nice, but i wouldnt listen to it on the regular. Same with jazz and the BlUeS. When im searching for new music I find that the mixed categories draw my attention more.. rock/reggae reggae/hip-hop/trance rock/hip-hop/reggae trance/hip-hop/rock Even categories like rock or hip-hop have subcategories... rock- classic, heavy, metal, soft, 90s.. etc hip-hop- underground, mainstream, songs you party to, more emotionally charged songs.. etc I dont know, i like it all.