Benefit of telling the truth

August 24, 2012 5:56pm CST
If You Always Tell The Truth You Don't Have To Remember Anything true, of the truth. This quote is suitable to apply to those that are telling the truth cause once you telling the truth you don't need to remember anything anything, only the truth, the thing that are truly happening and if you telling the lie, you must remember that lie you are telling to people cause if people asking you back you must remember what lie you are telling to them. Hehe..maybe this is the god gift to the people who are telling the truth compare to the people telling the lie. Are you too, agree with that quote, agree or not agree about telling the truth, you can always express your opinion on here?
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@Micmac (9464)
25 Aug 12
Telling the truth will keep us out of trouble so we don't have any bad conscience memory. When you lie left and right you can't escape the consequences that the lie will expose you and you can only remember how to get yourself out of the lie and make amends but by that time it's too late to rectify the damage to yourself.. and then you wonder saying, 'if only I had told the truth instead then I wouldn't remember this aweful lie.' Funny that's a heck of a good quote you've shared today!
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
Truth always prevails. And there's no way to hide the truth. So the best thing to do is to always tell the truth. And at least your conscience wouldn't be bothering you every time and then just because you are hiding the truth. A habit of telling the truth will help you get inner peace and is spiritually healthy.