United States
August 25, 2012 4:23am CST
Am I the only one who doesn't understand these new cartoons. I was watching tv with my godson and it was some cartoon on that i didn't understand at all. It was like anime or something. I asked him what the heck was going on. Am I just old, because I think our old cartoons were the best. My favorites were The Smurfs, Storks, Flintstones, Jem, He-Man, She-ra, and Alvi and the Chipmunks. I hated Rocky and Bullwinkle, Gumby, Fraggle Rock, and the Muffet Babies(I know everyone loved them, but I just couldn't do it). Do you guys have any favorite and least favorite cartoons?
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@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
I love Walt Disney the most. It was my favorite since I was young and up to now I still watch these cartoons on my knees especially Tom and Jerry and would laugh out loud every time. LOL.
• United States
25 Aug 12
Oh I loved Tom and Jerry too, and my godson actually used to have a dvd of Tom and Jerry when he was a baby that we could just put on repeat and he would just laugh and laugh for hours.
@mounis (70)
• India
30 Nov 12
N Agree with you I'm also the one who hate the cartoon's of today's generation they don't even have proper legs,eyes lol they have hanging lwgs and hands I just don't like them and when they open their mouth Oh God its all stupidity I hate Shin Chan,doremon and all these stupid cartoon characters who doesn't have any cuteness and they are not giving anything which is good for the kids. I love cartoons Flinstones,Uncle Scrooch,Disney cartoons,loony toons, tom and jerry, chipmunks were my favorite and Recess & Baby loony toons were most favorite. :D
@olliekobra1 (1826)
10 Sep 12
i agree i was watching ben ten with my neice this is the cartoon that they are all raving about and i thought it was a load of rubbish so i agree that cartoons were better in our day. I used to like teenage mutuant ninja turtles, captain N, bucky o'hare, jonny bravo and He-man. I never liked the biker mice from mars i thought it was boring.
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
Im a teenager and not also a fan of this anime. There are just some anime which I dont really understand why they love this kind of movies. My favorite cartoons are Mr. Bean (the cartoon one not the real one), spongebob squarepants, alvin and the chipmunks, and so many more.
@chum24 (569)
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
hi!! i love watching cartoon and walt disney since i was a kid until now. i can't least all my favorite cartoons because i have lots of favorite. i really love if the guy is cute and handsome like in movie of martin mysteries,totaly spies,naruto, and a lot more.
@dsw313 (321)
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
Characters on walt disney and cartoon network, even until now, I love watching Tom & Jerry with my kids, even Adventure time. I brings back the kid out of me. :)