What does my laptop RAM do?

August 25, 2012 6:36am CST
I'm looking at buying a laptop. I'm confused by some of the capabilities. What does the RAM do? Should I get a slower processor with more RAM - or a faster processor with less?
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@bloodmask (590)
• India
8 Sep 12
By now you must have come to know how RAM is working. But still I will add my knowledge what I have learned till now. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. What RAM is made of is gates. Gates like NAND, NOR, AND, OR that you may have read if you took electronics in school. They are used to store information temporarily as long as you supply RAM with power for these gates to work. Now what's its used for. In everyone system, there is a good high speed microprocessor chip that process at very high speeds, and there is a good high volume hard disk drive that stores the data what it receives but is slow. So to counter balance RAM is used. When you boot up means that you switch on the power button on your cabinate the OS is loaded into RAM for faster access of its services, while if it was just stored and accessed from HDD then there would be time lag, a lag that would take you do thousands of work in between outside your computers.
• China
31 Aug 12
In computer, RAM refers to physical devices used to store programs or data on a temporary or permanet basis for use in a computer or other digital electronic devices. How much RAM do you need?It depents on your requirement. If you want to use for surfing the Internet, you do not require more RAM and faster processor, but if you like playing the massive computer game, high speed processor and sufficient memory is essential to be equipped, besides, you'd better choice a graphics card.
• Philippines
25 Aug 12
Get a faster processor with less RAM. As RAM could be upgraded easily and is really cheap compared to a processor that is sticked to your laptops motherboard which costs so much. CPU tells how fast you can finnish a job, while RAM is for multitasking. If you wanna open and use so many applications at the same time. You also consider the GPU or the video cards. They are the ones responsible for graphics on games.
@urbandekay (18312)
25 Aug 12
Think of a laptop as an office, the hard-disk is the filing cabinet, it stores information, the RAM or random access memory is then the desk on which the document your are working on sits. Hope that analogy helps you. Increasing RAM is usually what makes a machine run faster but it depends on what exactly the bottle neck is on that particular machine all the best urban