United States
August 25, 2012 10:28am CST
Does anyone else here remember this show? It used to air on TNT from 1993 to 2000.For most of its run, it was hosted by Joe Bob Briggs and he made the movies even more fun to watch on late night TV. I remember looking forward to Saturday nights if nothing more than to be able to watch Monstervision. As you might can guess from the title of the show, many of the movies that would air on Monstervision were horror movies. But there would be other kind of movies they would air though. The last movie that was aired before it ended was Children of the Corn II, if I remember correctly. To be honest, I had kind of forgotten about Monstervision until recently. One of the admins on the Horror Lovers United page on Facebook posted a picture of Joe Bob Briggs and the mail lady which reminded me of it. Anyone else here who were fans?
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