How to Ask a Guy Out on a Date?

August 26, 2012 12:58am CST
I prefer if the guy asks for a date. But some guys really can be a test to a girls patience because they do not ask for a date for whatsoever reasons. Many times if a guy is shy or not confidentof asking a girl out girls do have to take the initiative The best way to ask a guy out of date is ask him without sounding too desperate or aggressive..
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
13 Sep 12
It might be a bit unusual to be asking a guy for a date, but if you really like the guy and you sense that he likes you, too but is timid to ask you out, I think it is okay to ask him out.
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
12 Sep 12
I used to be shy and one day I just ask my bf in a text plain and straight lets go out this weekend lol . He didnt find it desperate he just think I know what I want , I didnt want to wait forever . Observe the guy and you can tell what he would like , in person over the phone on Facebook etc
@luxlyangels (1286)
26 Aug 12
I wouldn't know, Simply because I aint gay and I only ask girls out
@Shavkat (67188)
• Philippines
26 Aug 12
In some conservative countries, the manner of asking is not an options for women. The old traditions prevails in the family and even in the society. Basically, it is not acceptable. For some, it is possible.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
26 Aug 12
Yes,i feel comfortable if a guy asking me to go out for a date. I think the first thing is that you've been out and having good time together,make him first know you and wants to get to know you well. Do not shy and try to show your love at the appropriate time,hope you good luck.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
26 Aug 12
Look for a good opportunity and timing. Like if you have some interest in common, you can say that you wanted to try this and that but you have no one to go with. You can directly ask the guy if he can join you or wait for him to volunteer his self. I once dated a guy who I really like. But he won't really ask me again for another date, though his reason aren't clear to me. I think I was too confident to think that he was just shy so I once pretended that someone stole my wallet while I was shopping inside a mall near his place and ask if he can come to help me since I don't have any single cents left in my pocket. I know that it sounds obvious but it really worked. I also have another reason to communicate and see him again because I need to pay for the money he lend me.