Flip flops have ruined my feet!

United States
August 26, 2012 11:36pm CST
I have worn my easy go to shoes , the flip flip for years. Just recently I had pain on the top of my foot when I started googled some images of foot pain. I noticed flip flops were bad to your feet and caused all kinds of toe deformities. I have always had cubby toes and wheni saw some picture I was terrified! If I had longer toes, my feet would look like that! ? I couldn't believe it. Goodbye my flip flop go until the next beach trip because they ruined my feet! It's been a week now and no more pain. It was exPlained in various articles I read that your feet don't naturally mean to hold that tiny band on a flipfloo and your feet need more support if even around the ankle band. That's why I wear my gladiators now and they have two straps around my ankles for support in these sandals. I don't care about the tan lines as long as my feet don't start looking like claws and growing corns :) have shoes ruined your feet and how? I dot wear heels due to corns threatening to uglify my feet do you care or are heels still okay if your feet are ugly? I saw a picture of Katie Holmes feet and yuck!
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@beenice2 (2336)
• Canada
3 Sep 12
I don't wear flipflop since long time, I do have corns under my big toes and I wear shoes all the time. I don't like high heels shoes an sandals because for me it is just good to twist your ankles and give you lower back problems,I always wore low heels are no heels at all for my shoes, because of my arthritis in my lower back and upper back problem that I have since years. So my opinion is said no high heels.
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• United States
5 Sep 12
I have heard that high heels actually help work out your calfs. I haven't worn high heels in three years since before my last pregnancy and my calfs are burning when I wear them now. It is so true. That may be the only positive though because back, arthritis and toe problems are really bad with the wrong pair of shoes. Thank you for the comment :)
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• United States
27 Aug 12
I'm always worried about flip flops and sandals ruining my feet. One of my biggest worries is getting callouses on my heels and having scaly looking heels. I try not to wear flip flops for long periods of time because I don't want my feet getting rough like that. It already kind of happens on the side of my big toe and I try to use a pumice stone every once in a while to get the dry, rough skin away. As much as I love flip flops and sandals, I try to avoid them when I can and wear shoes and socks to keep my feet softer.
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• United States
2 Sep 12
Yes, a pumice stone does the trick. Sometimes I just wet a nail file and use it on the heels and bottom of my feet to soften them up. I have used the lotion or vaseline and sock trick overnight and it does wonders. Do you soak the pumice before, I heard that works best that way?
@shaggin (37317)
• United States
5 Oct 12
I generally only wear high heels on special occassions. I dont really wear flip flops very often but I do wear sandals all the time in the summer. Summer only lasts a few months here and then I am back to sneakers or boots anyway so I think my feet will be fine. I saw katie holmes feet before and steven tylers oh gosh were they some gross feet. I think if I was them in the spotlight I would either not wear shoes that showed them like flip flops or would have them surgically fixed lol.