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United States
August 27, 2012 10:53pm CST
To me there is nothing more important in a little girl's life than spending time with Mommy. My daughter is 7 and once a week we send Daddy and the boys off to do their thing (which usually consists of Lego's and Batman toys in the basement) and her and I pop popcorn and lay in bed and watch a movie together. Our favorites are Enchanted, The Princess & The Frog and Tangled. We have an extensive DVD collection, but it seems we are starting to watch the same ones over and over again. Of course the first 3 I listed are timeless and we watch those all the time, even when it's not our "night". Does anyone have any suggestions of something new, or maybe older that we can go get to watch that maybe you watch with your own child? She is really into princess movies (obviously lol) and she's very, very girly. Thank you in advance!
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• Malaysia
28 Aug 12
I envy children who can watch movies together with their mothers and just spend quality time together. When i was younger my mother was always too busy to spend time with my brother and i besides schoolwork. When watching movies, my mother would watch one and my brother and i another one. We would watch it in one room and my mother in another room. I am now currently watching some old movies (alone)which i think you should know. 1. spirited away 2. Meet the Robinsons 3. Howls moving castle and many more. I hope you can enjoy watching more great movies with your daughter.
• Indonesia
28 Aug 12
OMG ... You watched spirited away and howls moving castle too? Both of the are awsome animations movie! :D You should have a good taste on watching animations ones :) I watched Ponyo - but it wasn't that amusing as Spirited away nor Howls moving castle actually, but it was still good to watch :D btw, My parents are busy workers - I almost never had a time for watching movies with them too :)
• United States
28 Aug 12
Thank you for sharing, I will have to check that out. I always try to make as much time as possible for my kids. I am a stay at home mom and my husband works but we understand how important family time is. He works during the day and is at home by 6 every night. We make sure that we always sit down and have dinner together, even if we only order pizza. Everyone has to put their phones away, turn the TV's off, no DS's or iPods or tablets. And once a week, my husband has his time with the boys and I with my daughter, then another day he has his time with her and I with the boys. And usually on Saturday's we let them stay up late and find something all of us can do like playing a game on the Wii or Scene It or something like that. Time is so precious with your children when they are young and I don't want to miss it! Thank you so much for sharing those movies with me. I am going to check them out and hopefully we have something different to choose from. =)
• Malaysia
28 Aug 12
Actually it's kind of sad that i only found out of these movies just a year ago. I am now spending my semester break to watch all these great movies i missed as a child. Did you know that those two movies mentioned and many other movies were actually Japanese and dubbed in english by Disney and thatPonyo, Sprited away and howls moving castle were all under the same director? Yesterday i watched Brave Story and it is also a nice movie. Since your parents were busy to spend time with you, i'm sure you don't want your daughter feel like that's why you try to spend time together.
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
Oh that's so cool. I also have 2 daughters, and the eldest is fond of watching girly animated movies, too. I bought her 2 sets of Barbie movies, and Dora Adventures. She likes to watch them over and over again, too. She would even tell the story ahead to anyone who would watch with her. Unfortunately, we haven't watched movies together for months, now. That was when she started going to school. I should get back to this very soon.
@daisy777 (216)
• South Africa
28 Aug 12
That's such a wonderful idea. My daughter and I also spend quality time together like that. We normally go and see a movie, walk around the mall and have lunch together. It's very special for us.