Which do you prefer contact lens or eye glasses?

@blinjk (613)
August 28, 2012 3:47am CST
Contact lens are used by some people who do not want to wear eyeglasses but some people who do not have eye problems still wear contact lens for fashion.Most people prefer to use contact lens because it is fashionable and does not hide face. But there are a lot of cons that people should know in using contact lenses.I have used contact lens before and I am using it for fashion but I really find it so hard to put it into my eyes. If you do not put it correctly your eyes will be uncomfortable and might be irritated.Like my sister, she uses contact lens to correct her vision but she usually get her eyes irritated and now she is using eyeglasses.How about you guys,which do you prefer?
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@marjivy80 (198)
• Philippines
30 Jan 13
i would love to have contact lens but unfortunately, its not advisable for me to have one because i have thick lens. so now i use eyeglasses. there are so many ways to be fashionable by wearing different styles of glasses.
• Philippines
29 Jan 13
I do have experience using contact lenses and it’s quite good because you no longer have the worry that you have to clean your glasses or worried that you fell because you can’t broke your eye glasses since you are wearing contacts. However, such lenses should be maintain hygienically and does have its preventive measures, when using contacts one should always clean their hands and stay away from water most especially on your eyes, you can’t also sleep while you’re wearing your lenses. Also, hydrating lenses with the use of contact lens solution should be maintained while putting on the contact lens.
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
24 Dec 12
Yes many use them, because they are convenient , no body knows you use powered glasses to read, but they are costly, need maintenance; i use executive bifocals and find it very convenient.. Thanks for sharing. CHEERS
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
28 Aug 12
I do have poor eyesight so I use eyeglasses but since I learned how to wear contact lenses, well I am using it now instead of eyeglasses which is quite heavy.But you really have to know the proper caring, precautions and proper use of it to avoid damage on our eyes.I still have my eyeglasses in case that I am lazy in wearing contacts and sometimes we have to rest our eyes in wearing it.