How can we as parents, gentle or authoritarian?

@didi13 (2927)
August 28, 2012 5:01am CST
Always oscillating between a parent hypostasis without fail to convince me which ones could contribute more to the happiness and fulfillment of our children. To be gentle or authoritarian? To be friendly or aloof? To be vigilant or bohemians? On the shoulders of parents are responsibilities that go beyond their own lives. After giving birth to a child, every gesture of yours is measured by its effect on several generations. And then we always wondered how to behave with our children, so as to have beautiful life together, and they can carry on the lessons to make them be loved, respected, happy. I, however, fail to find safest way, so I oscillate between hypostasis. I am bossy when it comes to their health and safety, but equally if not careful, when get to lessons and teaching. I am gentle and patient holidays, but not as calm in our afternoons playing during the week. I am sometimes too permissive and close, sometimes decide - briefly - that ought to get off military bridge ... How can we, as parents, lest we later what reproach us? What mistakes to avoid, lest we put later our sons non- victories on account of our bad attitude? Fail to find the right answer, but continued to search, trying, asking, living and especially loving.
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@daisy777 (216)
• South Africa
28 Aug 12
As a parent, one must try to find a happy medium of parenting. I am a strong believer in discipline, but try to do so in a gentle manner. There will, obviously, be days when one has to be sterner.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
28 Aug 12
I think every parent has its own rules. There is no a school in which to learn to be parents, but that we relate to past generations, parents, grandparents and us today come with improvements, adaptations to other times and other evolving generations or involution, as appropriate. I am a parent alternation, and gentle ,and authoritative, depending on the case.We must know to be full of love and affection, at the same time, we have rules for our children, and to know how to be firm, but it's so hard sometimes ... Thanks for response.