being away from my kids

United States
August 28, 2012 5:01am CST
Has anyone ever lived away from their kids? Here is my situation. I moved to another state to be with my fiance at which time my two youngest kids decided to stay with their dad (they didn't want to change schools). When school started this year my oldest decided he wanted to go live with his dad too basically because he wanted to go to high school with all of his old friends. I understand why they want to stay with him and I get to see them most every weekend. Lately I have been thinking of moving back over there just because I miss my kids so bad. It won't be easy because I will have to stay with someone until I get a job and a place of my own. I just don't want my fiance to think I'm abandoning him. I love him very much but I just feel like I can't stand to be without being involved in my kids every day life. I have always had them with me their whole life. And I do miss them so much. Would my fiance think I don't care for him? Would he understand why I have to do it?
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@mzz663 (2775)
• United States
12 Nov 12
No one can ever take your children's place, I have always told my kids that no matter what, I am their mom. They can be mad at me, go live with their dad, but when they need me, I am here for them. Distance from them will make them emotionally more distanced from you and maybe they'll think you don't care about them. I would hope that your fiance would understand that you love your kids and love him too but they are young and need their mom. I see this has been 3 months since you posted, what did you decide to do?
@riyauro (6428)
• India
28 Aug 12
Oh you must be really missing them. I think if your fiance really loves you for who you are and that you have kids, he should have no problem with it. After knowing you are a mother he must adjust with you since you are adjusting with him. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.
@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
28 Aug 12
If your fiance loves you he would understand what you feel and want to do. As, a mother you should be the one who will look after and take care of your kids. Your fiance must understand that your kids are part of your life and he would accept you as a whole you and your kids.
@toniganzon (54000)
• Philippines
28 Aug 12
If he loves you that much he would understand. He knows from the very beginning that you have kids so he must know that you have responsibility over them. He cannot be selfish if he loves you. I'm pretty sure he would understand. I am about to leave my kid as well. I will be leaving him with his father as I go to make a better future for us. I'm pretty sure I will miss him and I would be worried if he gets sick. But I have to be strong for our future and I know I would be able to see him during the long holidays.