Reading manga about some anime lately

Pasay, Philippines
August 28, 2012 10:37am CST
I'm currently reading "manga" or Japanese comics, translated into English for better understanding. I am currently looking into some of my favorite anime from its manga. Some anime came from Japanese comics or manga. Some of the best titles that I'm checking right now are Full Metal Alchemist and Hunter X Hunter. I'm not a fan of Naruto that much but I'm also reading some parts to be familiar with the characters of it. Claymore manga is now ongoing. You can check mangas at They have a lot of range right now from dark fantasy, comedy and for the young at heart's digest :D
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@BabyCheetah (1913)
• Australia
29 Aug 12
I am a Naruto fan I love that series quite a lot and it's my new favourite. I still love the older ones too I'm also a Slayers and Rurouni Kenshin fan. Have you read or seen those animes? They actually made a live action movie of Kenshin just recently which I'm keen to watch. Was just released a few days ago so I'll have to wait and see if I can find it
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• Pasay, Philippines
29 Aug 12
Kenshin :DDD Love it so much I can't get over it during my mid school days, I was fifth grader back then. LOL Good thing they have live actions lately. Well, that's the uber power of manga; they turn it into anime or eventually live actions. Correlation to the story that you read in the manga, it is sometimes altered and change for the better of the series that some are anticipated to see if it has been changed or if the whole story is based on manga ^_^-)