Gas price is on the roof right now, we can't afford the second round

United States
August 28, 2012 8:32pm CST
That will be no surprise as some people already predict the gas price will going up to the roof by the end of this summer time. I didn't feel lucky at all although I filled up the gas tank full yesterday. Today, the price is already $3.94, and it will be $4.00 on the labor day. So, what will be your guys plan over the long weekend. I certainly won't go anywhere, I rather go to work and be home. With such high price, I couldn't afford to go anywhere.
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• Mathura, India
30 Aug 12
Respected my dear mylotter friend, You started such an important issue through your discussion/comment, congratulation. Yes hike in prices of gas are are always troublesome. In the period of higher inflation this is another smash (or a sweet kiss). I would like to welcome a valuable and knowledgeable returning comment from your side. Take care and have very nice time. Happy mylotting. (°J°) (°L°)
• China
29 Aug 12
Go and check the gas price in China. You will feel rather lucky,man.