How do you attain healthy nervous system?

August 29, 2012 4:11am CST
When we talk about health, we usually refer to our physical bodies and internal organ fucntioning. I want to consider one health factor now that is hidden to the human eyes. Something that you would feel because it can't be seen, and it is the human nervous system. Some people have 'bad nerves' and this leads them to bad moods, sleeplessness or even to depression. Some people have good or healthy nerves and these are the people who always seem happy and in a good mood. My question is, do you have a good idea how to attain good health of nerves? What are your insights on how to have good and healthy nerves necessary for a happy life?
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@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
31 Aug 12
I can attain a healthy nervous system by eating good,sleeping on the right time and to know how to use myself by doing the things around me like doing household chores and doing some workouts.I am also taking vitamin b1 6 12 before I go to sleep so that I can have a better sleep and my nerves will be relaxed.
@kongno (431)
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
Foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D, minerals and antioxidant are good for the health of the nerves,....but i don't think having a healthy nerves will make one happy...
@deazil (4547)
• United States
29 Aug 12
Along with B Complex, as stated above, potassium is necessary for basic neuron functioning and can be found in high quantities in bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, yogurt and potatoes. Calcium helps your nervous system respond to and heal from injuries. Almonds are nutrient rich and and help reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders, including neurological conditions. 2gr of fish oil every day or 13oz of fish per week (this from Dr. Oz). And here is a good link with pertinent information:,26691.asp Hope this helps.
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
Vitamin B complex is the best way to go in supplementing your nerves. But of course, proper diet and regular exercise are still your best bet on living healthy over all.
@Oktavist (396)
• Romania
29 Aug 12
Well,the first advice I would give you is not to neglect your diet.I know maybe you heard this many times before,but eat healthy.Aside from eating healthy,try to supplement with vitamins(A,B[neural vitamins],C,D,E,K) and minerals(especially calcium,magnesium,zinc,copper,manganese).This is about the much you can do with your food to maintain normal amounts of vitamins/minerals for the well-being of the entire body,including the nervous system. Another thing is to try to be optimistic and be happy even with little things.This will release dopamine and make you feel good.