Separating Complex Objects or hair from Background/image

August 29, 2012 10:46am CST
I am a Photoshop user but I am not a professional that is why I cannot perform and know most of the things which a professional Photoshop user do or know but I want to learn those things and internet is helping me in that, hopefully I would be able to perform and do most of the things which by which I can get desire image. I think, using pen tool for is important tool for separating things from a image but I think some it is very hard and we need information about the Photoshop tools and features to perform it easily or with the helps of some tricks and tips. I know mylot is a good place to share information and I know there would Mylotter who would be really ready to help us out to give possible information and help. so my questions are. why do you feel it is hard to separate hair or object form background or same color background? how do you do it? what can be the ways to do it easily?