How life can be beautiful ?

@Angelpink (4022)
August 29, 2012 11:02am CST
They said , life is beautiful ! How come that it is beautiful when this eyes are always filled with tears , when i seldom can smile , when all i felt is that fear that he will leave me . How can it be beautiful when you love him and he don't even respond. How can it be beautiful when no one sees your worth though you are striving to be the best. How can it be beautiful when you feel and notice that nothing they see in you but all the negative side. How can it be beautiful when you don't like to see tomorrow because you are so tired of life. Tell me Lotters how ?
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• Philippines
31 Aug 12
I know how you feel about it. But still i consider myself life is beautiful it only matters to our choices. Learn to weigh things from good and bad. Those pain, trials, trouble, hurt or the negative thought we experience is part of that beautiful life. All we have to do is learn to stand up after we fall. Appreciate things that we have everyday like the sun as we wake up in the morning, the moon and the stars when we go to bed. Those people who try to cheer us up, that learn to be thankful and look on the positive side of it than those unwelcomed feelings. Don't lose hope pray it to God all your hurts and ask HIM to take that away. May not be right then and there but hope soon it will vanish and be able to see more lights and happy faces from friends and family.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
29 Aug 12
Life can be made beautiful by ourselves when we start realizing the reason of why we are are born on this earth. If we start spreading love, peace, happiness and affection all around and make others happy then life will become beautiful automatically. What say?