Tobi's Identity Revealed!

United States
August 29, 2012 1:50pm CST
I want to hear what people think about Obito being revealed as Tobi. If you were one of the fans who said or thought it was impossible that Tobi could be Obito, what is your response to latest issue? I spoke with people as recent as issue 597 where Kakashi states that his and Tobi's eye are connected. I was still met with opposition claiming that Obito cannot be Tobi. I heard things like Obito would have been too young or Obito was dead when the fox attacked the village. My response to that were things like they never had Tobi's body so Tobi was assumed dead. As far as age goes, we know that ninja like Kakashi (a Jounin at age 6) or Itachi (head of Anbu Black Ops at 12) can be extremely there was no way to tell Tobi's age while he was wearing a mask. Personally, I thought Kakashi looked a hell of a lot older than 14 when the Kurama attacked the Leaf village but that speaks more to Kishimoto's drawing style. I mean, the only thing that truly made me doubt that Obito was not Tobi was the fact that it was TOO obvious. Tell me what you think.
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@vanessa11 (296)
• Philippines
29 Aug 12
So my feeling was right, that Tobi is Obito after all! (I stick to that assumption ever since Kakashi stated those things) But the question here is why? Why did he attacked the leaf? And even lead to ninja war? Can't wait for the next episode =D