Changing your boyfriend or girlfriend's attitude

@blinjk (613)
August 29, 2012 8:56pm CST
Sometimes you will feel annoyed because of your partner's attitude that is so bad and not appropriate. Sometimes you will feel ashamed of what he is doing. What would you do if you will be in that situation?For me, I would confront him to change it because I am concerned about what may people say to him. I will be honest about it. Other people tell that changing someone's attitude is not a good thing because if you love him or her you must accept it all. But thinking about it, makes me confused because if you will not tell him about his bad attitude, then you will tolerate him on his bad doing and this makes him so bad in the eyes of people. So changing one's attitude is a must when you know it will be the best for him.How about you guys what are your thoughts about this?
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• Philippines
30 Aug 12
I definitely agree with you. If there's a wrong attitude present on your partner, it should be told to be changed. We just have to say it in the nicest way we could do so that we don't hurt their feelings. Also, we should not expect an instant change from them for they may have been used to this attitude. Changing them should be gradual. This also applies to our self.
• United States
30 Aug 12
I agree that you should tell him how you feel about his or her behavior when s/he does something particular - address it right then and there. I don't mean make a public display about it, but let them know. If it bothers you to see something that s/he does, your partner should know. It's part of communication. It's going to bother you, so you tell them instead of just getting silently irritated. Although I say you should tell that person doesn't mean I expect they are actually going to entirely change their behavior. But telling that person gives them the information they need - if s/he does that again you will be upset. Hopefully that person will make the right choice and not upset their partner.