About Life and Death

August 30, 2012 7:06am CST
I know that this is way off some people's radar as it is kind of deep and not entertaining. But I'd like to invite you to start with me a discussion about the importance of life and death. We all know that there are only two things in life that we cannot avoid and this is paying taxes and death. Let's leave the issue of taxes with the IRS and focus on this one topic that most people try to avoid but at the same time is unavoidable as we will all have to die someday. There are lots of talk about life and how beautiful it is but very few about death. Specifically, let us focus on the following questions: 1. Is there life after death? 2. How do you look at the idea of dying someday? 3. Is it something that we should fear? 4. Do you know someone who had a near death experience? how did they feel? 5. Is there such a thing as a bright white light that we can see at the point of death? 6. Once a person die, can he/she return as a spirit or is death just the end of life that turns us into nothing? 7. What is the point of working hard if someday we are bound to die and leave everything here on Earth? These my friends are just some of the questions that pertain to this avoided topic and I'd like to invite you to take a look at it and give it your thought. Should you have additional sub-topics about this discussion, please feel free to give your input as it is most welcome. I will try to be here as often as I can and answer your comments but since all of us can have a pretty good understanding of the topic, I guess no one person can be an expert on this so everybody's opinion is just as worthy as the others. Happy Mylotting.
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