Unsinkable, they said

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August 30, 2012 10:29pm CST
When the ship was created it was one of the biggest and it was said to be unsinkable! No doubts when they said it either. Now there's many things surrounding this story, there was a whole movie about it after all. But do you think it was superstition of a sort that they "jinxed" themselves with that statement? It's amazing to me the pride of man though. Of course it was a huge invention and they took pride in their work. But to call a ship that floats... merely by the will of a man who created it, unsinkable, is still foolish.
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@dogsnme (1266)
• United States
18 Apr 13
It is foolish to put such faith in our own "creations." An account was given that, either during the time that the Titanic was being built or right before it set sail, that a dockhand or someone else associated with the Titanic actually made the statement that not even God could sink the ship. That is an utterly foolish thing to say. God is the creator of all things that were created. He is all powerful and nothing with Him is impossible. In my opinion, to make such an arrogant claim is to wag your finger in God's face, mocking and taunting him. By doing that you run the risk of bringing God's wrath down on you. There are many factors that are blamed for the sinking of the Titanic. But, I believe the only factor that is truly responsible for the sinking is human arrogance.
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22 Apr 13
Its a foolish act and a little blasphemous to say something like that. They're being foolish and it showed for them in a big way when their great creation sank. We're mere mortals. Nothing we do or create is ever undestroyable. I think the human race forgets things like that until something huge like the Titanic sinking happens.
@Shavkat (69491)
• Philippines
31 Aug 12
I do believe that every ships can be deteriorated through the years of used. I agree that there is no such as unsinkable.
• United States
31 Aug 12
In man's eyes they thought so, in their prideful way