what will you do if your husband is a lazy man? leave him or you stay with him?

August 31, 2012 2:30am CST
I am a working mother of my 4month old and my husban take good care of my baby.. but hes a lazy man he dont want to find a job he just want to stay at home and everytime i got home i heard lots of complain sometimes get angry because of lazyness and he has no plan to find a job.
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• United States
31 Aug 12
This can happen to any one but you should have found out he was lazy before you married him and had a baby. Maybe he is the house husband type. Don't get mad, sit down and talk to him maybe he will be happy taking care of the baby and house while you work. If that is the case then stop nagging at him to get a job. he has to be willing to do everything to do with the house. Maybe that's the answer but i would make sure not to get pregnant again. How long did you known him before you got married, were you already pregnant when you got married, maybe you should not have gotten married at all. Try to work it out,its best if you do.
• Philippines
1 Sep 12
thanks for the advice guys, it helps me a lot on how to talk to him or handle a situation.. and were not married, and one thing he cant get a job coz his reason to me is hes not a college level and so difficult to find a job.
@namiya (1599)
• Philippines
31 Aug 12
why not try to discover his passion and discuss this with him. It maybe possible that he is someone who doesn't want working with a boss or time pressured jobs. Maybe you could work out on creating a home based job for him like putting up a small store or as i mentioned above a business that caters to his passion.
• Thailand
31 Aug 12
Oh, if you love him you should try to talk to him seriously, may be it's just such a period of time in his life and he needs helping hand. If you work, try to give him some thoughts about finding a job. If he takes care of you and a baby he loves you. Don't leave him. If I were you I'd help him to find a job and I'll talk to him about the reasons of staying home. Have a good conversation! He will understand you for sure!