Grand Thief Auto is the real harassment of the city.

United Arab Emirates
August 31, 2012 7:25am CST
Grand Thief Auto game like the way we gaming is harassment we like to use this game on fighting . many people drives a car like a thief on this game its really fun to drive like this . many people injured on it . when i drive a car on this game i am free handed to drive a car . and mostly people died . there is a chance to drive a car like thief and make harassment on the city . people agreed on it .
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• United States
31 Aug 12
Not positive what your trying to get at but ill do my best to respond to what i think you mean. I dissagree that its harassment. Its a video game with a world thats not real. Theres abclear line between reality and video games. Also in no way does the game condone the actions within itself if to be done in the real world. There have been studies cinducted to see if people can differentiate between reality and video games. The results were that any normal person agreed the actions are wrong and wouldnt do them in real life. The only people who considered them possibly ok were those with mental disorders that cant tell whats real or unreal. So its deff not harassment, its just a video game where people can do unrealistic things in an unrealistic world. I am studying game design and hope to start making games soon and its the people who think games are wrong or teach children bad things that are giving a bad name to video games. Theres a age rating system for a reason. You wouldnt bring a 7 year old to a 17+ movie so why let them play a 17+ game?
3 Sep 12
that's right, i agree with you
6 Sep 12
Yes i am agry with you.I m played this game.This game is very interesting game.I never seen.This game all the things in this game like fighting not much.But not much car driving,shooting,etc.I am very interested with this game.Not was her to stop you in this game.