I checked out his favorite songs

@hotsummer (10305)
September 1, 2012 3:00am CST
My friend usually add a video on his Facebook wall of some of his favorite music videos I usually familiar with most international music videos but not of the local favorite videos of his. And so I checked it out as I'm not familiar with the local singer or band. The song turned out to be a wrap and the lyrics are quite entertaining and I like rhyming which is the usual thing on rap. So I am quite amused with the lyrics of the sort and so I have a great time listening to it.
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@jenny1015 (13391)
• Philippines
3 Sep 12
We should never be hesitant of trying to learn, do , or in this case, listen to other music that the ones we are used to. I love classical songs (coz I always hear my parents sing them), love songs (coz i am a hopless romantic) and new wave music (I was in High School when this was very popular). But when I heard my sons listening to Chris Brown and Neyo, I fell in love with RnB.
@mensab (4208)
• Philippines
1 Sep 12
when we have no expectations, there is a chance that we will have positive evaluation and vibe of the new stuff that we are encountering. the songs that are new to our ears are often exciting to us because it is our first time to hear them. but when we get used and become familiar with the songs, then we become more discerning and discriminating.