What will the 2012 American election mean to the world?

United States
September 1, 2012 3:57pm CST
The 2012 American election will be a critical election to the world because it will symbolize a continuation of a more progressive attitude or it will mark a return to the bellicos and bully rhetoric of the past. The world has gotten alot smaller in terms of distance and culture and the current President understands this. No one country can dictate the terms of the world like the United States was able to do for almost fifty years after World War 2. During World War 2 the United States dropped two bombs on Japan that changed the direction of world affairs. It allowed the United States to set the World agenda and decide who was good and bad based upon the state of affairs. But after several countries gained the nuclear bombs themselves specifically Russia , the terms of world affairs became alot more dicey. Other countries had the ability to obliterate us, as we had the ability to obliterate them. Today there are at least 8 countries with Nuclear ability and several who are close . President Obama is right to not set the United States in a competive way against the world but to seek partnership. But the Rhetoric of the Republicans is we must demonize Obama at any cost. Of course deep down most people know it is based upon his race. Many Republicans and conservatives would destroy the country and then try to rebuild it rather than work with President Obama. What it means for the world is if the President wins the world will feel they have a partner they can work with who understands things are changing and is not seeking domination over other other countries but seeking ways to work together.If the Republicans win it signals to them to buttress and get ready to fight and attack in many ways the culture of domination that a Republican leadership would try to enforce. The President does have foreign enemies and opponents. China has tried to take advantage and build a trade advantage that will assure their domination economically. President Obama has shown he is aware of it and is trying to fight against it. But the conservative defeat him at any cost attitude makes it hard but not insurmountable. In the end the President will win but the problems will not be over. Our culture is under attack and our future is tenuous but with steady resolve we will overcome.
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
2 Sep 12
If Obama wins, it will mean an America where the government is all in control and it will mean that America has to depend on wind power, all the coal plants will close, the price of fuel will go up because most of the grains will be used as ethanol. Oh the ;price of food will go up and the average American will be poorer. Because of Obamacare the taxes on the average Americans will increase. But I guess that is what you want because Obama is such a nice and eleoquent speaker. Oh, by the way, there was another man almost eighty years ago who fascinated the people, was eloquent and promised living space to a people who enduring the depression and runaway inflation. He was Adolph Hitler.
• United States
4 Sep 12
I believe the opposite is true that without Obama the elitist will gain a stronger foothold and the havenots would have no where and no one to turn to. I believe most of us have forgotten the reason Obama was elected. He was elected the change the status quo and the standard of only white old men having a chance to be in charge. he was elected to give every human being who works hard an image of the possibility that they even they can become president of the United States and could become whatever they desired to become if they worked hard. When I made the comment the underlying core of opposition is racism I am not saying everyone who opposes Obama is a racist but those who took the opinion that there was something wrong even before they gave him a chance. Im talking about those that liked something and voted for it when a white elderly politician championed it but where venomously against because Obama supported it. As people of color we know the underlying conversations people have in their kitchens of course they smile and say the right things in public but in the comfort of their own circle they say what they want. What most white Americans and those longing for the goods old days fail to realize those days are far gone and it is a whole different world and the new President is trying to carry the ball of progress over the treshold in a frightening different world against difficult odds surrounded by haters who dont want him to succeed. This is the world the President leads.
• United States
18 Oct 12
I have read President Obamas first two books "Dreams of My father" and The Audacity of Hope" I believe I have a pretty good idea of what he believes deep down and maybe alot better than you because I understand the nuanisance of what he is saying and why he is saying it. The biggest mistake Obama made was trying to make friends with Republicans and thinking he could sway opinions of people which entrenched beliefs that where entrenched against him no matter what he did. When Mitch Moconel stated their number one mission was to make Obama a one term President you should examine that and admit that this was before the President had proposed any legislation or anything so the mind was made up. It did not matter with many what the President did. What mattered was it was him tring to do it. How dare he. This is how many people feel looking at the events of the last four years and understanding the feelings of conservatives and racist. We understand what is really going and it was never fair and that the President has always had his back against the wall like most people struggling in America and this is the group that Obama represents.
@stary1 (6622)
• United States
16 Sep 12
Sourceseeker I wonder why you think Obama is making progress in the ME considering recent unrest. Do you feel his attempt to try to understand will ever make radical Muslims re-evaluate their attitude toward the West? Radicals have stated in no uncertan terms they want to dominate the world..how do you think we can stop them if not standing up to them? I wish there were a way to merely talk them into changing their minds, but I really don't think we can.
• United States
22 Sep 12
I wrote those previous comments before that unrest started now I believe he should take a different approach one that will delay the eventual war and win election stay tuned
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
2 Sep 12
If Obama wins, the American economy will continue to spiral downward like it has under him so far. This will then drag the rest of the world's economies down also. If Obama wins the American people will continue to have their freedoms taken away and have to live with the growth of big government which has been his agenda all along. With Obama the people of the world will have less freedom. You are wrong about the Republicans; they are much closer to preserving the freedom of American and helping other people of the world to gain more freedom. If Obama wins he will increase the American national much more than he already has. China is the country that is loaning most of the money that is allowing this gigantic increase in the National debt. At some point they will say pay up and will spell disaster for America and for most of the rest of the world.
• United States
6 Sep 12
The internet age has nade the world a much smaller place. The world sees that the big strong and powerful United States is not a perfect union and has many problems of its own. The world sees that its difficult for the United States to get its own house together politically with Democrats and Republicans fighting and hurling insults at one another and because of the new age of technology, the world sees the breaks in the armor of the United States. Before the Rhetoric and history of strength of the United States would be enough to deter any challeng eand we would be able to bypass any real threat because of reputation and the ability of the industrial community. But today with a small computer , a cell phone and a few connections a vagabond nomad in qatar can become a giant because the world is connected together. People in India can communicate with people in China. People in Germany can communicate with people in Belgium and people in South Africa can communicate with people Jamacia. We can see what they see, we can learn what they learn, we understand the language of the oppressed the world over because human people are the same and hurt and pain are hurt and pain whereever you go. What happens when the majority of the people feel oppressed and without opportunity and doomed to an unfulfilling life. They begin not to care and it leads to revolution. In this country the vote helps against this. But the conservative right seeks to modify and dismantle the will of the people by trying to destroy and humiliate President Obama. From day one they have been on a mission to destroy his reputation because the meaning of his Presidency symbolizes the beginning of the end of a white cultural superiority complex that has benefitted Western culture and white rule. The President seeks to expand the values of mission of the United States to live up to the meaning of its creed. The President understand this changing world as President Clinton explained it. He and We seek to bridge more partners and to stop making enemies.We seek a more prefect union that will be built to last as long as mankind is on this earth.