Struggling to make anyone happy

@Oktavist (396)
September 2, 2012 12:10am CST
Do you happen to be in the situation where you want to make everyone happy?And it's starting to get more difficult and difficult?It's like you're trying to please everybody,even though many of the people you're trying to get happy don't consider what you do as a form of sacrifice and dedication. So,MyLotters,do you find yourself in the situation of trying to make everyone happy,and do you have a hard time doing so?
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@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
2 Sep 12
I have never had that issue..I consider myself a great provider when ever I can and at any time....I love helping others in anyway I can and I have even put my neck on the line too help a friend... When I do all I can and its not enough, It dosen't make me feel bad at all because I know I have given all I can... I learn a long time ago that you can not please all the people all the time..So when I reach that point I am good to go...No reason for me to feel bad...