Caffeine withdrawal?

@Oktavist (396)
September 2, 2012 12:17am CST
Has anyone gone through caffeine withdrawal? Caffeine withdrawal is the process of which caffeine is getting out of your system.By this,the system regulates itself to function just as better without it,by some chemical reactions.This is called detox.During this,the body goes through a transitional state,the withdrawal.I didn't personally experience any caffeine withdrawal,simply because I don't drink coffee or coffee related products. How about you,my friend,have you gone through withdrawal?
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• United States
6 Sep 12
I don't think I've gone through a full-on caffeine withdrawal, but when I go without drinking soda I sort of get sick. The past few months I've tried to start drinking soda less and less, every other day at the least. I started doing this because there would be times I would go a day without soda and by the afternoon I'd have a horrible migraine and nausea. The only thing I could do to get rid of it was take some Aleve, have a soda, and go to sleep. When I woke up the migraine would be gone and I'd feel much better. Getting that way really started to annoy me so I decided I'd try to be a bit healthier and not drink soda so often. It's definitely hard because I really do love soda and it can be such a refreshing drink to have. I think I do pretty well and I've gone down to having it every few days or every other day. It's nothing major, but it's still a start for me.
• Avenel, New Jersey
9 Sep 15
yea soda is dangerous that way. i stopped drinking it years ago, i also thought i couldnt go without it but now i barely miss it at all. i do have some occasionally with pizza but not often at all.
• Avenel, New Jersey
9 Sep 15
i just wrote a post abt coffee! lol i actually dont experience withdrawals at all, not sure why because i do drink quite a bit. but i rarely if ever get a caffeine headache, and on weekends i usually go coffee-free, unless im going out with friends or something