The Power Of The Female.

@rubyroy (824)
September 2, 2012 6:33am CST
The will of a female can move mountains but you have to challenge her,for her full potential to come out to overcome the worse crisis.She has more dedication and perseverance to overcome problems and meet the goals of her life. She is the family bonding agent that binds the various members of her family with love and care.Let her enjoy peace and security,then she would be the most dedicated person to you.If you care for her,she will fill you with love and affection.You can make her full potential come to bloom,if you treat her with respect and affection.She has the mother's instinct to care and pamper you.She can handle many roles with ease.She can be a loving mother,caring wife,adoring daughter and also a dependable friend with the best charm and ease.She knows how to soothe a crying baby,and to give care and love to the old and weak.Her emotions may sometimes control her,but still she is the loving,caring mother to her children with no strings attached.She has the strength to be a good administrator and a capable manager. She has the power to soothe the distressed and the needy, strong enough to meet the challenges of her life,and a good friend and partner for her husband and family.Handle her with care,and she will be the best gift man could have in this world to support him.
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• Philippines
3 Sep 12
yes, that is a good definition of a female of being a woman entails a lot of responsibility as being a wife and a mother to her children. they need to care for their husband and children as well. like providing them with a lot of attention and also become the first teacher of their children that she teach them with basic reading habit, listening and speaking. she also a good at taking care of the basic needs of the children, taking care of the family and cook them with meals. so the power of female should be appreciated by every one. as most benefit form their motherly role and instinctual need to get recognize, respected and values a s a special species.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
2 Sep 12
That is beautiful. Not to mention women, the mother and wife is the light of the house. She brings patience, the compassion and tenderness like the Queen of the home. I think society can be harsh on us and I wish women unite cause for example when sometimes a man cheats then there are many that say it's normal but when it's a woman, oh Gosh the world has ended. Like it's not a nice action to both genders. I think this world really need both woman and men, and women are the light