choice with it Electricity or Internet?

@mikej143 (310)
September 2, 2012 7:08am CST
I cant imagine a city don't have source of electricity and how could survive it for social work or jobs, And the funny thing that our city suffered it right now or I mean being bless with a very big source of electricity and a supreme of power that would I call, but sadly to say that our island is now suffering we called electric shortage? its really do call a question mark I cant believe of what we have in our country for a century we have good electric current in a blink of an eye we were now suffering or we were just not careful of selecting all the city public officials in our country or place that we suffered for a decades for corruption routine of those people inside. I would like to choice electricity it may cause without the major source of Internet it would not exist either. I would like to emphasize that we must responsible in all we would like to choice to put it in a position. feel sorry right now that we suffered with this kind off. And by the way in our place or I mean in a whole world I think our place have the most expensive Internet connection and very slow at the max of 5mbps compared to others that max of 50mbs and min of 10mbps. how about in your places?
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