I forget both the user name and the code.

September 3, 2012 8:32am CST
I set up an account on a website this morning for some information. Usually, my user name is the same in order that I can easily keep them in my mind.But this morning, the website told me that my user name was too long and thus I had to change for another one. So I changed. However, in the evening when I want to check what had happened in my account and tied to login, I noticed that I had completly forgotten both the user name and the code. I asked the sevicer for the information that I had typed,but she told me to tell her the user name. I said that I had forgotten it. She said that I might have to set up another account. Have you ever met such problems? How do you face them?
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@stealthy (8188)
• United States
3 Sep 12
I write down the user name and the password for any sites that I think are important especially since I often have unique ones for each such site. I do use a standard password for many sites, for example product sites, where the user name is an email address. For sites that I visit often, I eventually learn the username and password and seldom have to look them up. For example I currently have seven email accounts at various places and each one has a username and password unique to it. I almost always remember them now, but I do have them written down just in case of brain freeze on some occasions.
@freedang (320)
• China
3 Sep 12
hi you can see if you can find you user name and password by email.the website in our conutry usually need your mailbox when you set up an ancount,and i have used this mothod many times good luck
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
3 Sep 12
Hi, Once I forgot my password. But I never forgot my user name.