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September 3, 2012 10:48am CST
Have you ever had a life changing situation or event in your life that you felt you could help others through your experience? I have had many events in my life that I feel I could help others but have no idea just how to go about reaching out to the ones that could use this the most. As a recovering addict I feel that I could touch the lives of our youth but have no way to reach these kids. No I am not proud of the fact that while I was in the military I became addicted to drugs, but I found myself in rehab and have been able to stay clean from these drugs since 1991. Sure I still drink alcohol from time to time and yes I realize that I do drink more than I should when I do drink but this is another problem of my own. What I would like to do is reach the ones that might find themselves in this situation and give them the truth from the stand point of the addict instead of giving them the statistic that the so called professionals shove at the youth. I feel that if I was able to sit down with a small group of these people and be able to speak to them on a one on one level, allowing them to ask the tough questions without the fear of the adults hovering over them, would give them a more personal insight into the mind of the addict. Sure these young kids will have the same mindset that I had at their age of that it will not happen to me but allowing them to see that it can and will happen to anyone. Give them the cold hard truth that the addiction will live with them for the rest of their lives and it is an everyday struggle, some better some worse, to overcome the addiction and to see the truth of pains it causes others. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could reach out to the people that need the help or to those that might even just need a person to talk to to help them overcome their own addiction I would be so grateful. I have not been able to find the right path but I might be able to help others from heading down this path and to prevent them from the struggles that come with addiction.
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@dainy1313 (2352)
• Leon, Mexico
7 Sep 12
Hello steelers I think that you can help in a church ministry, or here at mylot, giving advice for those who ask it. Blessings ... dainy
• United States
9 Sep 12
I have thought of going to the church to see if I could be of help but not sure if they have any ministry services that I am able to do. As for of reaching others on here it is hard enough to get others to read my discussions and reaching out to others to help is the best thing I can think of. Thank you for your words.
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